Balloons Editor

Looking to heighten your text editing game? Look no further than BalloonsEditor! 🎈🔥

Get ready to take your text editing to new heights with Balloons Editor, the ultimate tool for adding a touch of visual excitement to your messages. With its vibrant and playful fonts, Balloon Editor lets you transform your words into an air-filled extravaganza, allowing you to make an inflated statement like never before!



Simply start typing your message on the keyboard and watch as the wacky balloon letters inflate in real-time on the screen. Need to make changes? Just hit the backspace key, and the balloons will fly free, allowing you to edit with ease.



Experience a world of endless possibilities with Balloon Editor's exciting features. Let your creativity soar as you explore:


- Different text colors: Choose from a vibrant array of gold, silver, or multicolored hues.

- Font designs: Experiment with a variety of captivating font styles that will make your words dance on the screen.

- Balloon letter size: Adjust the size of the balloons from small to large to suit your preference. 

- Highlighted words: Make your words stand out by highlighting them in a colorful frame.

- Backgrounds: Select from a collection of included backgrounds or add your own custom backgrounds.



Enjoy the convenience and accessibility of Balloon Editor's easy-to-navigate features, including:


- Copy/Paste/Cut: Effortlessly manage your text with familiar editing functions.

- Key Shortcuts: Speed up your workflow with handy keyboard shortcuts.

- New/Open/Save/Save As: Seamlessly create, access, and save your balloon-filled masterpieces.

- Text File Support: Work with text files directly in Balloon Editor for ultimate flexibility.

- Language Support: Express yourself in English or any Latin script language.



Go on an educational adventure with Balloon Editor! Designed to captivate all ages, this innovative text editor for kids allows you to write in delightful, air-filled balloon letters. Learning to read and write becomes an interactive and attention-grabbing experience. Watch as letters and words come to life in vibrant balloon designs for a variety of activities:


- learn ABCs

- learn numbers

- typing for kids

- word games for kids

- play reading games

- and more!

Balloons Editor in action:
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